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What Is Virtual Commerce? [Pro Tip for Growing Your Business]

What Is Virtual Commerce? ( V-Commerce)

Virtual commerce is a 3D model of a store which already exists physically. It depends on AI (Artificial Intelligence), and it evolves according to any modifications created in the original store.

It assists you to better connect with your audience and compete with global brands even if you are a small business.

How Did COVID Affect the Stock Market?

During 11 months in 2020, coronavirus obstructed businesses due to precautionary measures. As a result, businesses head to digital strategies.

Remotely work has become critical for managing businesses, so managers tried to enhance the investment in supporting the online stores to meet customer requirements.

According to:

- Business Insider, E-commerce agreed to around 3.914 trillion dollars in 2020.

- Global Survey research proves that many consumers turned to online shopping. However, they missed the physical experience of interacting with their favored products.

- Global Digital Shopping Index research provides 60% as an increase in digital purchases from digital commerce, from the onset of the corona epidemic, 28% increase in consumers interested in online shopping.

- Research was done on a sample from all over the world, 66% of consumers stopped visiting shops because of congestion, while 36% were afraid of getting sick.

However, 69% missed the physical experience, walking in the store and checking the products closely.

Don’t worry! Technology always has an answer. Virtual commerce saved the day because it gives customers the real shopping experience in the store while swiping their phones.

Is Virtual Commerce the Future of E-Commerce?

YES, it's the future! Successful retailers always look for a special experience for consumers, and nothing will be unique more than virtual commerce.

Engineering Antycip (ST) predicts about 1.6 billion dollars will deliver in 2025 by virtual commerce.

Virtual Shopping provides the advantage of a physical shopping experience that most online shoppers miss:

  • Consumers can interact in the store, check any product and complete the procurement process like they are already there!

  • The virtual store is open 24 hours. Consumers can use it any time, as to business owners, it saves time, effort, and expenses.

  • It converts a product into a 3D model so the consumer can see the product closely before closing the deal.

  • It allows using VR glasses to enjoy the entire adventure.

That's how the virtual business mixed online shopping with the client's needs while keeping the emotional part of shopping.

NOW you can try the amazing experience click here.

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